Can clear aligners fix an overbite?

You can fix overbite with the help of clear aligners. This is good news for you if you don’t want to go for surgical treatment. When an upper tooth angled toward or outward of the lips, this causes an overbite. It can also occur to a child if the child does tongue thrusting or an excessive thumb sucker. The risk of developing overbite can also be found in adults, and in teenagers. If you bite your nails, pens, pencils, and erasers then in the most probable case you will get an overbite. If your overbite is caused by a skeletal problem with the jaw then clear aligners are not recommended for you.


What Are Clear Braces?


A huge leap forward in dental technology, clear versions of braces rely on a series of custom-made aligners that look a lot like transparent mouth guards, only much thinner and less noticeable. Made of BPA-free plastic, these aligners help patients avoid unattractive and uncomfortable metal wires and brackets. Clear models can also be removed when you eat or brush your teeth, thereby reducing your risk of cavities, which are quite common among patients with traditional metal models. This type of aligners is being recommended by orthodontic experts.


Overbite after braces


You may feel like your chin is receding and the face of your shape is unbalanced. If you have a significant overbite after braces you may feel this type. There are generally two types of overbites- horizontal overbites and vertical overbites. When the upper teeth stick out over the bottom teeth then this is the condition of horizontal overbite. While vertical overbite causes when lower teeth are being overlapped by the upper teeth.


How to fix an overbite with an aligner?


Sometimes you may think about how to fix an overbite? With the use of aligners, you can get rid of this doubt. Each aligner is a bit different from the one that came before it. The plastic mouthguard will gradually begin to shift your teeth into the correct position. When your teeth get there, often within two weeks, another set of aligners will be provided by your dentist or orthodontist. This allows patients to avoid those awkward and uncomfortable visits for tightening wires.


By applying constant pressure on the teeth, aligners can fix an overbite. Due to this pressure, the teeth will shift to their optimal positions. This will straighten teeth and helps in fixing mild to a moderate overbite. You must wear aligners for 22 hours a day in order to get the more effective results in case you are undergoing overbite correction. You should wear aligners during sleep also and can only be removed at the time of brushing and eating.


Individuals will receive a tray set of aligners. You have to wear each tray for at least two weeks. They are designed to move the teeth in a certain direction. You should switch to the next tray in the series after every two weeks.


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