Different types of Invisalign Orthodontist treatment

No one likes to wear braces. They feel braces are very uncomfortable. Most of the dental issues can be fixed only by orthodontic treatment. Some issues which can be corrected by orthodontic treatment are:


  • Overbite: It is very common dental issue in which your front teeth of upper row lie in low teeth front. It is also known as buck teeth. Fix Overbite with good emergency orthodontist.
  • Cross bite: In this case your upper tooth is not in proper symmetry with bottom teeth front. It is just like bull dog case. Lower teeth are very far forward.
  • Open bite: When there is space between biting surfaces of your front teeth to the biting space of your side teeth then it is called as open bite.
  • Misplaced midline: When middle part of upper front is not lying exactly on the middle part teeth of lower side then they suffer from misplaced midline.
  • Spaces: Sometimes in some cases there are gaps in between the teeth which can be notice by anyone. These gaps may be due to loss of teeth or having small teeth. Gap teeth Braces go for these.
  • Crowding: When teeth are very close to each other and lie upon each other then it is known as crowding of teeth. It is generally happen when on jaws teeth are more in number. Crowded teeth Braces go for these.

If such cases remain untreated then after some time conditions can be bad which may cause other dental issues and people cannot smile properly.


Now days there are so many innovations coming in this field due to which braces are not only the option. There are many other options also available through which these problems can be easily correct. In most cases either you will be having two types of appliances. They may be fixed or removable.

Commonly type fixed appliances are:

  • Braces: These are made up of wires having brackets & band. Bands act as anchor and brackets are used to bond on outer part of every tooth. Through anchors wires generally passes and attached with bands. Braces to fix overbite are in much demand. These wires need to be tighten over a regular period of time so that teeth can shift in correct place. You can Google to find out orthodontist braces near me.
  • Space maintainers: These fixed appliances are used to fill the space between the teeth especially in case when space is due to teeth.

Commonly used removable appliances are:

  • Aligners: The easiest way of getting crooked teeth corrected is with the help of invisalign. It basically uses clear trays which we called aligners. These days people are choosing these clear aligners near me over traditional braces as they are comfortable and have a clear look. They can be easily removable at the time of eating. You can ask about clear aligners cost from your orthodontist. If it suits your budget you must go for it. You can find online about clear aligners near me.
  • Removable space maintainers: These all work in same way of fixed appliances. The only difference is that they are prepared by acrylic base and directly fits. It get fits over patient jaw.

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