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Invisalign after braces for teeth straightening


Dental problems are getting very common and for this reason, several cases could be seen in which people search for Invisalign doctors near me so as to get braces in teenage.  They can truly understand the joy of removing braces after the treatment. All the awkwardness associated with metal filled mouth is gone that is truly amazing. However, the process does not end here as the treatment continues with yet another challenge in next step, i.e. wearing retainers that are not attractive just like braces.  Invisalign after braces can serve to be helpful in this case.

The teeth shift naturally with age to the original positions back and risk increase with crooked teeth. These include headaches, TMJ problems and underbites. This is the reason why people look for Invisalign doctors near me so as to get treatment on time. In case the lineup of teeth is not proper, there are chances that they might crack or wear down. Along with this, crooked teeth can also have negative impact on self-esteem and confidence. For this reason, people search for invisible aligners cost to find treatment that can match with their needs.


Expectations from Invisalign after braces:

In case braces were used in your younger age but bit movement is there in the teeth then re-straightening is required and Invisalign after braces can help in this case. For moderate to mild straightening of teeth, it serves to be an ideal choice and flexible Invisalign payment plan is also there to reduce burden on pocket. Here are the possible factors that could be expected from this treatment:

Comparatively shorter treatment: In the case when minor straightening is required after braces, the treatment is of shorter duration.

Fewer visits:  The case of invisalign is not like braces in which it was required to frequently visit to the orthodontist for changing rubber bands or tightening wires etc. With Invisalign, visits to orthodontist are required in 6-8 weeks and this is the reason why Invisible aligners cost is comparatively less. In the course of treatment, plastic set trays are given and after two weeks, these are changed. Teeth are gradually shifted a bit in the period of two weeks by the trays so that they are aligned correctly over treatment course.


Effective, discreet treatment:  These trays are virtually not visible and therefore no one can notice that you are wearing them. It is possible to remove the Invisalign trays and therefore oral hygiene is not interfered by these like braces. Also, this is a discreet treatment since no one is aware of the fact that you are wearing aligners.

Cost: This is another factor having impact on treatment decision of people. One can find effective Invisalign payment plan that does not put much burden on pocket and one can get perfect and flawless smile without budget constraint.

Less discomfort: In the initial stage, minor discomfort might be there similar to braces and when new tray is switched. Within 24 hours, the discomfort vanishes.

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