Is Invisalign good braces?

Braces are kind of appliances used by orthodontists to align and straighten teeth and help to get the correct position of the teeth regarding a person’s bite. Not only braces are helpful from the cosmetic point of view but help to improve dental health. Dental Braces are used to adjoin with other orthodontic devices to help widen the jaws and assist in shaping teeth and jaws. When you talk about braces, invisalign near me are in high demand due to their several benefits.


People with crowded or crooked teeth feel ashamed due to the impression left over by the misalignment of the teeth. teeth misalignment, not only destroys the look but leads to poor oral hygiene also. Metal braces and Invisalign braces help to straighten your teeth and shift the position of your crooked teeth to retain a beautiful smile.

Most adults prefer Invisalign aligners as it functions like traditional metal braces and is less visible to others to notice that you are wearing something.

Process Of  Getting Invisalign Aligners:


The Orthodontist near me will examine your smile and teeth structure, then he/she will take the impressions of your teeth structure. After that, he/she will create a digital impression to analyze the treatment duration. The orthodontist will be with you until the last step of the

treatment and monitor all the developments.


Advantages of Invisalign :


  1. Since the Invisalign are designed according to teeth structure, it helps to shift the teeth in their right position faster than normal dental braces.
  2. The durability of wearing aligners or braces depends on the complexity of your dental problem.
  3. Since the aligners are customizable, you can remove them whenever you require. It provides the facility of eating your favorite food items.
  4. 4. Invisalign braces can be cleaned easily compared to metal braces.
  5. It also helps to maintain oral hygiene as you can remove them while brushing and flossing.
  6. Since metal braces consist of wires and brackets, they irritate the gums while pressing the teeth. But you will not feel such types of difficulties with Invisalign aligners.

Disadvantages of Invisalign:


  1. You can feel a little discomfort in speech for the first three to four days after wearing Invisalign as it consists of a thin covering of plastic on your teeth.
  2. Although the Invisalign treatment is suitable to treat a wide range of dental problems, it is not considered a good option for kids as their mouth and jawbones are still developing.

Invisalign can stop the progress of the development.

  1. The Invisalign aligners are more expensive than traditional metal braces.
  2. Without removing Invisalign, it is difficult to eat any food item, if you persist to do so, it can damage the aligners.


Braces help you to enhance your smile and fix the problem of biting. Also, they make chewing effective. So, if you have decided to put on braces contact a Miami orthodontist.

  If you left crooked teeth untreated, it can lead to various dental problems like tooth decay, headaches, gum diseases, and speaking, biting, and chewing problems.


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