Orthodontics is not only about Braces

We have a general image of orthodontists who is exert in putting Braces To Fix Overbite to all its patients. Well this is just a part truth. Though orthodontists deal with correction of crooked, cracked, misaligned and damaged teeth, but these medical experts also offer various other services. If you think that you are facing some other dental issue which cannot be cured by orthodontists, then you need to think again. Keep reading on to know the kind of services offered by an orthodontist:

Braces – Well an orthodontist deals with making and prescribing braces to correct the alignment of the crooked and uneven teeth and jaw line. Braces are basically made up of two parts; brackets and elastic wires.Brackets are basically a small metal or ceramic piece adhered to your teeth. And these brackets are tightened with the help of elastic wires.These wires bind the teeth and insert gentle pressure on them to reposition their locations. There are many types of braces available like metal braces, ceramic braces and invisalign braces. The doctor shall be the best person to decide which braces will work best for you. You can get different colored metallic braces and it answers the query like What Color Braces Should i Get?


TMJ Treatments – TMJ is a problem which causes jaw pains and restricts its overall movements. If not taken care of immediately, this pan can increase manifolds and take the form of a chronic disorder.it is essential to consult an experienced orthodontist for the treatment. The pain can also reach to other body parts and can even cause severe headache. Sometimes, doctor can cure this problem by prescribing braces or surgery can be the solution in some of the worst cases.Orthodontists can also suggest treatment to Fix Overbite.

Wireless Braces – With the latest advancements in the dental industry, wireless braces have managed to become one of the most popular braces in the youngsters and adults. These braces do not need the services of elastic wires. These are basically removable and clear devices covering the teeth and placing pressures on them. They are hard to notice and can do their work quite effectively. They are known to get faster results than any other types of braces. If you donot wish to deal with metals, then you have this option with you.

Surgical Treatment Procedures–This is performed in some of the extreme cases where the teeth cannot be aligned through braces and other options. Surgeries are undertaken to correct the teeth alignment and jaw irregularities. The best age to undergo this surgery is somewhere between 16-18 years.The doctors might ask to wear traditional braces once the surgical procedures have been completed. Surgeries are often suggested in some extreme cases, but orthodontists are the experts who dothis.

To know more about the Clear Aligners Near Me, call the nearest orthodontist office. It is better to identify dental issues in the beginning only in order to avoid certain complications later on.