Underbite: What Are The Different Ways To Fix It?

Everybody in the world desires to have a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth because a mouth of perfectly aligned teeth indicates their perfect oral health. If you are busy on working days, get the consultation services from an orthodontist open Saturday.


If any orthodontic issue makes your lower teeth stick out, you might face some serious health-related issues affecting you completely. Luckily, there are lots of treatments around for people who either have misaligned teeth resulting in an underbite. 


What Is an Underbite?


In medical terms, An underbite is a Class III malocclusion, when your lower teeth overjets your upper teeth. If you may have mild misalignment, a condition when upper and lower rows of teeth almost meet. An acute underbite when your teeth don’t meet at all. If left untreated can be the result of a  prognathism, a protrusion of the lower jaw.


When you have a severe underbite, you may experience:


  • Chewing difficulties
  • Talking issues
  • A persistent jaw or joint (TMJ) pain, as well as headaches and earaches
  • Damaged or worn-down teeth
  • Tooth decay from loss of tooth enamel
  • A Persistent mouth breathing, halitosis, and bacterial infections
  • Sleep apnea, snoring, and other nighttime breathing troubles


Underbite Correction Methods:


The underbite correction methods depend on factors such as the extent of the underbite and the age of the patient. If your child is suffering from underbite, you should not be very late to fix underbite as the treatment at an early stage can more easily manipulate their bones and palate. You can also get suggestions from an orthodontist near me open Saturday.


Moreover, the treatment may differ on the basis of the patients’ current state of the teeth, for example, they may require a single correction method or combinations of methods.


How to fix an underbite?




The underbite braces are considered the most common way to align your bite. Dentists will recommend wearing braces at least for two to three years and a retainer when the braces come off. Underbite fixed with braces may be the least expensive and most effective way to fix your underbite.


Reverse-Pull Face Mask:


Generally, this mask is created for children around the age of ten and younger before their bones fuse. It covers a child’s head and drags the upper jaw back into the right position using metal bands attached to the upper back teeth. A chin cup works to hold the mask in position.

One important thing to consider is that the mask option can offer high results until and unless your child is wearing it according to the dentist’s instructions.


Upper Jaw Expander:


Your orthodontist will fix the wire-frame tool across your palate. Each night, you will be required a special key to widening the expander a tiny amount. The process gently makes the upper jaw widen until the lower teeth no longer close against the outside of the uppers.


You will be recommended to wear the expander for about a year and then exchange it with a retainer for proper bone growth. Though this is quite effective for teens and adults, the expander can produce the most efficient results in children whose bones are still forming.


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