Why Do Children Need Braces?

Braces treatments help establish individuals' proper jaw function & alignment. If you have correctly aligned teeth, you can easily clean and maintain them. To prevent gum disease, tooth decay, or other periodontal issues, keep properly aligned teeth as they are easier to clean and maintain. Visit an orthodontist Miami for precise diagnosis & treatment for braces with missing teeth.



Young children need to have a proper bite for chewing, good speech growth and support healthy biting. The most common oral issues you may notice in children are misaligned teeth & jaw, which occur due to bad oral habits, accidents, or irregularities since birth. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a dentist regularly and get the treatment timely before it spreads further. Your orthodontist may recommend braces to fix straight smile issues.

Reasons Why Kids Need Braces?


We have mentioned common orthodontic problems that make kids have braces. For instance;

1. Crossbites:


Crossbite is one of the common issues with having braces. This type of bite occurs when the jaw shifts to one side and the upper & lower teeth do not adequately meet.


If the issue is left ignored for a long time, it may lead to worn & chipped teeth. Also, it causes asymmetric growth of the teeth. If the problem becomes severe, patients may need to undergo jaw surgery.

2. Thumb-sucking:


Typically, seven or older kids have the terrible habit of thumb-sucking, which is also the commonest reason kids need braces. Parents try to correct this bad habit in kids as it may eventually lead to severe tooth and jaw alignment problems. Such a condition requires treatment from a pediatric orthodontist near me.



3. Impacted tooth:


When a permanent tooth erupts in the wrong place in the mouth, it is called an impacted tooth. Such permanent teeth can cause tooth crowding and affect the existing teeth to shift into the wrong positions. Such as when the canine teeth grow elevated. Schedule an appointment with a children's orthodontist near me.

4. Underbites:


An underbite is a condition where the lower jaw expands further than the upper teeth. This situation occurs when you have a jaw misalignment, known as class III malocclusion.

5. Open bites:


An open bite occurs when the top and bottom jaw do not meet or bite in the correct position. Such a bite happens due to tooth & jaw position or a combo of both. 

6. Deep bites:


A deep bite occurs when upper front teeth overjet the lower teeth extensively, also known as a closed bite.

7. Overbites:


Generally, the causes of overbite are hereditary. In such conditions, baby teeth influence the jaw shape. When kids use pacifiers or are used to thumb-sucking, these all reasons may cause an overbite issue. Nail bite is also a common issue of overbite.


Other than that, Extensively crowded teeth and missing teeth are particularly common to have braces treatment.

Do All Kids Need Braces?


Some orthodontic issues can be resolved quickly if they are detected on time. If the kids visit dentists regularly, they can detect oral problems ideally, determining that you have a healthy smile before developing permanent teeth. When kids have primary teeth, several fixed or removable braces can shift them into their correct position, change jaw position and enhance the possibilities of the better eruption of adult teeth.


If you think your kids need braces treatment, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist specialist in Florida.

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