Why do you need to wear retainers forever?

This is the most often question you may want to know. Whether you wear traditional metal braces, clear braces, or removable Invisalign aligners, you will be recommended to wear retainers. In the initial stage of any orthodontist treatment, you will need to wear retainers for 12-22 hours per day. This recommendation is based on the severity of your issues.

A retained as the name suggests, “retains” the teeth in the correct position, although some retainers are not permanent and just used to make small changes to the position of the teeth and jaw. A bonded retainer is also an option to wear. Whereas retainers have more varieties and are recommended for various reasons. Sometimes retainers are used before braces are placed, but often retainers are placed after the braces are removed. A clear retainer is plastic-made retainers that are not visible in the teeth and thus people are often used. The other retainer is a replacement retainer you can wear whenever you need them and remove them easily.

Why is wearing retainers needed?


So let’s understand how retainers are needed and why wearing retainers is needed?


When you experience missing, crooked, damaged, you have no proper jaw alignment. Then you need to go for Orthodontic treatment to fix jaw alignment and other dental-related problems. When you wear braces, wires, or aligners, they push the teeth into a new position. It only needs a bone to have one side soften thus this can move to a new location and this is called resorption. So when you wear braces, your tooth was moving from the front of your mouth towards the back and the bone of the back of the tooth would disappear.


Once the tooth is in a new position, new bone is deposited around the tooth to help it stabilize in its new position. And this process takes approx 1 year to install new bone.


This time wearing retainers are helping to stabilize the new positions of all the teeth while new bone is installed. Hence the reason for daily wears of your retainers. So still think why you need to wear retainers after braces? Or when you remove braces why is it recommended to wear retainers? Make an appointment with orthodontics near me and get the information of which retainers are best for you and know retainers cost. It is needed to maintain your jaw alignment. You can also wear a permanent retainer that is made of metal and glued to your teeth.

Are retainers permanent?

Retainers are not permanent but should last for 2-10 years after braces. As there are various retainers now like clear retainers, replacement (removable) retainers, bonded retainers. When you take treatment for braces or Invisalign, your dentist will recommend wearing retainers. The longevity of retainers will depend on your severity of the situation and the dentist who set the retainers for you. Finding an orthodontist near me is the best option to get retainers.


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